The Firm has litigated matters across the entire spectrum of legal issues. SUCRE | ARIAS |REYES  recognizes the importance of efficient dispute resolutions in commercial activity, the collection of large judgment awards, inheritance claims, labor issues and other actions that are brought forth in any Courts within the Republic of Panama.

Our lawyers assist clients in choosing the most efficient methods of dispute resolutions, and also by representing them in Court, arbitration, and administrative and alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Our talented, experienced and highly reputed litigating lawyers have held high-ranking positions in different Courts of Justice, such as former President of the Supreme Court of Panama, former President of the Civil Chamber of Justice, former Magistrate at the Courts of Appeals, and Alternate Magistrate at the First Superior Court of Panama, among others.


Publio Muñoz R.


Edgard Muñoz M.


César A. Moreno


Jorge I. Escobar


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