The Firm provides thorough advice in all aspects of Panamanian labor and employment law. In addition to labor counseling, the Firm specializes in the drafting of labor contracts, both individual as well as collective, including employment contracts for international personnel assigned to Panama.

The Firm assists clients by (i) representing said clients in lawsuits brought against them before the corresponding labor authorities and/or courts, (ii) by drafting and filing for and on behalf of the clients remedies and appeals and (iii) by providing preventive counseling that includes the reviewing of disciplinary and discharge procedures.

The Firm provides legal services and counseling in a wide range of immigration matters. Our attorneys regularly assist corporate and institutional clients in the relocation of executive and key employees and also assist such clients in obtaining the appropriate type of visa according to the client’s needs and circumstances.

SUCRE | ARIAS | REYES advises human resource professionals on the recruitment of foreign employees and compliance with Panamanian immigration law.


Erick R. Muñoz

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